8 personality types of entrepreneurs

Why is identifying your personality type important? As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to pick a business venture that matches your personality type. This is because your chances of success increase significantly if you work on something that makes you happy. So how do you identify your personality type? We’ve listed eight personality types common to entrepreneurs accordig to the psychological enneagram of personality. Read them through thoroughly and find the one that you identify with.

  1. You’re an entrepreneur who believes in improving the world

This personality type is called “The Improver.” The Improver is a person who seeks to build a business that will improve the world. You seek out noble causes and run your business with a high sense of integrity and ethics. You also expect your employees to operate with integrity and pursue ethics. Luckily for your employees, you also believe in creating ideal workplace conditions. However, you do hold them to a high standard and tend to be highly critical, demanding perfection from both your employees and your customers.

  1. You’re an entrepreneur who provides a high level of assistance and advice

This personality type is known as “The Adviser.” The Adviser tends to help the people around them, particularly their customers. You will do everything in your power to please your customers, providing a high amount of advice and assistance. Your business is customer-centric, and you firmly believe in the adage, “the customer is always right.” However, you should be cautious about placing your clients’ needs above the needs of your business. You don’t want to sacrifice your chances of success in trying too hard to please your customer.

  1. You’ve built your business around your personal brand

This personality type is known as “The Superstar.” The Superstar centers their business around their charisma and high energy. You are the life of the party, becoming the center of attention in any room. You take charge in the boardroom and are highly motivated. However, you’re also super competitive and self-obsessed. Be wary of your high ego and confidence in your abilities, as well as your tendency to be a workaholic as this may damage your chances of success.

  1. You’re a highly creative entrepreneur

This personality type is called “The Artist.” The Artist tends to build their business around their unique talent and creativity. You are incredibly creative, but sometimes too modest to take recognition. You can be very demanding but also very dedicated to your work. You are most likely in marketing or web development. You also tend to be quite sensitive and aren’t great at handling criticism. Try not to make rash decisions and try to be open about taking constructive feedback.

  1. You’ve created a business that is meant to make a mark on the future

This personality type is called “The Visionary.” The Visionary builds their business around a vision of the future and the philosophy of the founder. You want to make an impression on the future. You understand your capabilities and how you can use your abilities to bring about change. You aren’t impulsive, and you seek to understand the workings of the business world. However, you may overthink and be slow to react. You tend to go at your own pace, seeing your plan or dream come to fruition as you envision it.

  1. You’ve built a company that is focused on fixing problems in a systematic way

This personality type is known as “The Analyst.” The Analyst is focused on fixing problems and finding solutions in an organized and systematic fashion. You are likely involved in the engineering, computer, science, or medical fields. You take pride in helping your customers find the ideal solution to their problems. However, you tend to over-analyze everything and are wary of trusting people around you. As a result, you often isolate yourself.

  1. Your company is full of life, energy, and optimism

This personality type is known as “The Fireball.” The Fireball is a person who is energetic and full of life. You will be very optimistic about your business and will run a fun and engaging company. You are highly motivated and extremely dedicated to your business. You tend to be impulsive, so be wary of over-committing yourself to clients. This could throw your business plans off and may overwhelm you in the long term.

  1. You’re an entrepreneur with an incredible ability to lead

This personality type is known as “The Hero.” The Hero has an uncanny ability to lead their business through any challenge. You see yourself as a world savior and your focus your business on changing the world. You are strong-willed, and you believe that you can overcome any challenge. However, you should be cautious about taking on projects that are too big. Your strong belief in your leadership abilities makes you think that no challenge is too hard, but this is foolhardy.