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A GAIN Stakeholder (previously known as "Membership") benefits you and the Entrpreneurial community!In addition to the member benefits listed below, your annual GAIN dues fund learning and business opportunities for entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and students through workshops, networking events, and seminars. As a GAIN Stakeholder you help IT, bioscience, and other technology firms get established, grow and create jobs in Florida!


GAIN Stakeholder (previously known as "Member") Benefits :
- Networking time before and after lunch program with guest speaker
- Discount on monthly lunch meeting and other paid GAIN events
- Learn from the failures and successes of local startup companies
- Access to investors and other funding sources
- Increase the visibility of your organization

Individual $75

Individual members of GAIN may be affiliated with universities, colleges, and private or public economic development agencies. Others are business service provides and active or retired heads of local tech firms. There are also entrepreneurs, investors, executives, researches, financiers, consultants, scientists and technicians seeking information and opportunities in the high tech sector.


Student $25

We welcome high school, college and graduate school students as members. GAIN meetings provide great learning, networking and advancement opportunities for students interested in science, business and many other areas.


Startup Stakeholder $175

Corporate dues are for organizations with multiple members participating in GAIN activities. Like individuals, corporate participants reflect a large variety of fields and professions, namely startup businesses. 


Corporate Stakeholder $500

Preferred corporate dues are for larger organizations with multiple members participating in GAIN activities. We encourage angel investor groups, successful tech firms, accounting and law firms to join GAIN under a Preferred Corporate Stakeholder Membership to maximize the organization's benefits to your company.

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