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June 13th, 2017 News

After almost 10 years supporting and leading GAIN, Lee May will be leaving GAIN at the end of June to begin an international “Eat, Pray, Love” expedition.  Lee was instrumental in GAIN’s operations and growth, and will be missed as GAIN’s Executive Director and as a member of GAIN’s Board of Directors.  Lee will continue to be a resource for GAIN moving forward, but from the coast of Italy or the mountains of Nepal.  Thank you Lee for all your hard work and contributions.

David Flores, who has been a member of GAIN’s Board of Directors for years and is currently an Executive Officer, will be assuming the role of interim Executive Director.  David will be supported by Rachel Brock and Dylan Schreiner, each of whom joined GAIN’s staff earlier this year.  Please welcome them when you have a chance.

New Focus – Form, Fund, and Grow Local Startups

What do these personnel changes mean for you?  They mean that GAIN is narrowing our focus to optimize resources and support for local founders of scalable/high-growth businesses.  In particular, we will tailor our activities and design our programs to help entrepreneurs with three activities: Forming, Funding, and Growing their startups.  These activities mean different things for different founders.  For example, a founder developing a smartphone app will navigate a development and commercialization path that is very different from a biotech company.  So we are reorganizing GAIN’s activities, operations, and events/programs to focus on three types of startup and growth-stage companies:

(1) technology companies

(2) life science companies

(3) manufacturing/niche services.

GAIN will continue to organize community-wide networking events so that you can meet new people and share ideas.  But we will also design industry-specific events/programs and personally match interested GAIN members with relevant mentors, investors, and subject matter experts.

Stay tuned for further news and developments.  And please let us know your thoughts at info@gainnet.org.

Welcome David Flores

GAIN Interim Executive Director

With his in-depth knowledge of GAIN’s operations, his network and reputation within Gainesville’s business and community leaders, and his passion for GAIN, David will help propel us into the next era of GAIN. David started with GAIN four years ago as an ambassador and is currently the Vice-President of the Board. During this time, David spearheaded different technology projects within GAIN, such as the creation of the new website and newsletter, and a member enrollment application. In addition, David supported Lee in the management of day-to-day operations of GAIN.  Further, David is the founder of Onward Development, a web development studio in Gainesville. He is also the curator for the Gainesville Startup Digest and holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida. Previously, David taught at Santa Fe Community College and at the University of Florida.

When asked about the future of GAIN, David expressed confidence and a fresh outlook for GAIN and the start up community.

“I see GAIN as the glue that bonds the entrepreneurial community and I am very excited about the opportunity to be the face of GAIN. At the moment, we are enhancing this glue by focusing on the startup community and helping them thrive. We believe that when startups grow, we all win! After all, something you hear constantly is that – a rising tide lifts all boats.

We are in the process of developing new initiatives to help startups move the needle. Some of these programs will help companies generate more revenue, and others will help companies raise investment dollars. Many changes are ahead and I invite everyone to become more involved with GAIN and encourage every founder who wants to raise money to reach out to me we can help them with this process.”

Contact David via email @ davidflores@gainnet.org

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